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Annual Second Night Passover Seder! Click "Read more" to RSVP today!

*Attention members of the Jewish community and congregants! 

The Passover Seder is one of the most celebrated and beloved Jewish rituals.  Dinner will be prepared by your friends at the Temple of Israel.  The evening will be elegant, and the food will be delicious.  Bring your Passover Seder plate and fill it up at our Seder Bar. We'll provide everything from the gefilte fish to the charoset and everything in between.

$15 per adult$7 per child,

Free for ages 4 and under

Mail your check by March 26 to

Temple of Israel and note it is for Second Night Seder

Or pay securely online here.

(For the meaning & history of Passover, click on the History & Origins link on the left)




torahcovers5799Temple of Israel provides an opportunity for its members to come together as part of a warm, caring and enriching community to worship and renew themselves spiritually. Every congregant and guest is invited to participate in the celebration and commemoration of all
of Judaism's sacred days.

The congregation's mission is to create a home for every soul by offering a variety of Jewish experiences to nourish the mind, heart and spirit while being a caring Jewish community.



Dress up for Purim!

Come to our Megillah reading and Purim play! Then join us in the gym for the Purim Carnival! Check our calendar for the date and time. We have a great time at Purim. The kids wear costumes and participate in our costume contest. Adults in our congregation dress up as the Purim characters and entertain the kids by acting out the story of Purim.

Recent Purim themes 
Wizard of Oz
Outer Space
Cartoon characters

Purim Carnival
The Temple Youth Group puts on a Purim Carnival with booths and competitions, prizes and a ride or two!